nicky davis gemini mural
nicky davis gemini mural

About Me


Nicky Davis’ art is an exploration into the ghost covered, rainbow splashed underworld of his imagination. Influenced from Saturday morning cartoons, graffiti covered walls, and long hikes through the wilderness; his body of work tries to make sense of nature, society, and what the hell it is that we are all doing here. 

His illustrative style is consistent across a diverse range of mediums, including: Designer Toys, Murals, Fine art, and Merchandise. His work has been included in gallery exhibitions worldwide and his murals have been featured by numerous festivals such as: Pow Wow Worldwide, Awall Festival, Wild West Mural Fest, IllFest, Hue Festival, and more. Nicky collaborates with many corporations to spread his art including: NASA, Target, Red Bull, The Chive, and more.

Nicky Davis is a visual artist living and working in Houston, Texas. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts from the University of Houston.


  • Pow Wow Worcester – Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Wild West Mural Festival – Dallas, Texas
  • AWall Festival – Miami, Florida
  • Hue Festival – Houston, Texas
  • iLLFest – College Station, Texas
  • Paint Memphis – Memphis, Tennessee
  • SXSW – Austin, Texas
  • Basel House – Wynnwood Miami, Florida
  • Big Walls Festival – Miami, Florida
  • Summerfest – Houston, Texas


  • “Sorting Something Out – Solo Show” Flatland Gallery  2019 Houston, TX
  • “Robots Will Kill and Friends” My Plastic Heart 2018 New York City, NY
  • “Restless II” Galerie F 2018 Chicago, IL
  • “You Are Beautiful” Galerie F 2018 Chicago, IL
  • “GRITPOP” Rotofugi Gallery 2017 Chicago, IL
  • New York Comic Con – Designer Toy Release 2017 New York, NY
  • Five Points Festival 2017 New York, NY
  • “Restless” Gallerie F May 2017 Chicago, IL
  • “Record Props” Cactus Music April 2017 Houston, TX
  • “Hibernation – Solo Show” December 2016 Insomnia Gallery Houston, TX
  • “Cute & Rude” July 2016 CSA Galleria San Antonio, TX
  • “Cotton Candy Machine Biennial” December 2015 The Cotton Candy Machine Brooklyn, NY
  • “Flipbook” November 2015 Grumpy Bert Gallery Brooklyn, NY
  • Voices of the Wilderness Artist Residency with the US Forest Service – Tongass National Forest, Alaska July 2015
  • Live Mural Painting “FreePress Summerfest Music Concert” June 2015 Houston, TX
  • MONDO Art Show June 2015 Station Gallery, Denver, CO
  • Wanderlost Art Show April 2015 Avis Frank Gallery Houston,TX
  • Seagram’s Gin Artist of the Year Event LMNT Gallery December 2014 Miami, FL
  • Live Mural Painting “ART BASEL” December 2014 Wynwood Miami, FL
  • Live Mural Painting “Back to Back” September 2014 Victoria, TX
  • Live Mural Painting May 2014 Avis Frank Gallery Houston, Tx
  • Insomnia Featured Artist June 2014 Insomnia Gallery/Store June 2014 Houston, TX
  • Redbull Presents “21 Helmets” April 2014 Circuit of the Americas Moto Grand Prix Austin, TX
  • Live Mural Painting March 2014 Montrose Proper Gallery Houston, Tx
  • Live Mural Painting March 2014 Avis Frank Gallery Houston, Tx
  • Live Mural Painting January 2014 Elizabeth Baldwin Park Houston, Tx
  • “NPSF 5″ December 13, 2013 Gallery M Squared, Houston, TX
  • “Into the Wild” November 1, 2013 Black Book Gallery, Denver CO
  • “It Figures” September 12, 2013 True Love Gallery. Seattle, WA
  • “Embellish” June 14, 2013 Home Suite Home Gallery, Seattle, WA
  • “Paper Cuts″ June 7, 2013 Gallery M Squared, Houston, TX
  • “Northern Lights” December 1st 2012 Solo Show at Space Montrose, Houston, TX Solo Show
  • “Neopopstreetfunk 4″ November 16th 2012 Gallery M Squared, Houston, TX
  • “Monster Show 7″ October 27th 2012 Domy Books, Houston, TX
  • “The Mural Project – Group Show” September 22nd, 2012 Kingspoint Graffiti Mecca & Art Space, Houston, TX
  • “Sticks and Stones” May 18th 2012 Gallery M Squared, Houston, TX Nicky Davis and Jessica Rice Dou Show.
  • “Summerland” July 14th 2012 Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA
  • “The Wonder PUP Show” March 10th 2012 Leanna Lin’s Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA
  • “Always on my Mind” January 27th 2012 Houston Fixed Gear, Houston, TX
  • “The Serie Project” December 9th 2011 MECA Houston, TX
  • “NeoPopStreetFunk 3” August 12th 2011 Gallery M Squared. Houston, TX
  • “Use Your Illusion” July 9th 2011 Colton & Farb Gallery. Houston, TX
  • “Less Than Zero” April 29 2011 Sevenminusseven Gallery St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
  • “Expo Mattia” April 26 2011 Pallazo Filangieri, Napoli, Italy
  • “Midtown Visions Cultural Art Tour” April 9 2011 War’hous Gallery Houston, Texas
  • “Flood of Emotion” (Japan Charity Show) April 9 2011 Allied Stone Dallas, Texas
  • “Loop Pop Up” April 8 2011 Loop Shoes Rice Village, Houston, Texas
  • “Artopia” January 29, 2011 Winter Street Studios Houston, TX
  • “Boarded Up – The Art of Surf and Skate” December 11, 2010 Gallery M Squared Houston, Tx
  • “Alter-Ego” October 2, 2010 NOVA 535 St. Petersburg, Florida
  • “NEOPOPSTREETFUNK II” June 26 2010 Gallery M Squared Houston,Tx
  • “NEOPOPSTREETFUNK” April 2009 Erie City Iron Works Houston,Tx

I love collaborating with brands. Let's make something awesome!