Nicky Davis’ art is an
exploration into the ghost covered, rainbow splashed underworld of his
imagination. Influenced from Saturday morning cartoons, graffiti covered walls,
and long hikes through the wilderness; his body of work tries to make sense of
nature, society, and what it is that we are all doing here. 

His illustrative style is consistent
across a diverse range of mediums, including: Designer Toys, Murals, Fine art,
and Merchandise. His work has been included in gallery exhibitions worldwide
and his large scale murals cover walls all across the globe. Nicky
collaborates with many corporations to spread his art including: NASA, Target,
Modelo, NERF, EA Games and more.

Nicky Davis is a visual artist
living and working in Houston, Texas. He received his Bachelors of Fine Arts
from the University of Houston.

  • NASA

  • Target

  • Modelo

  • NERF

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